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Rising IMortgage Rates


INFLATION, MORTGAGE RATES AND REAL ESTATE There’s been a lot of speculation and hand wringing about high inflation, rising interest rates and the real estate market. Not surprisingly, people are concerned how it will impact real estate mar...

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Housing Bubble?

Are We In a Housing Bubble?

Rising Home Prices, Multiple Offers, and Limited Inventory.  Home Buyers are Asking, "Are we in a Housing Bubble and is Now a Good Time to Buy? We say No We’re Not in a Housing Bubble and Yes, It is a Good Time to Buy ..... and Here’s why...

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Percentage Rate

Why is the APR higher than the interest rate?

The difference between Interest Rate and Annual Percentage Rate (APR). Why is APR higher than the interest rate? The APR accurately reflects the cost of the mortgage including the rate of interest, financing fees and charges based on the term ...

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Coachella Valley Real Estate Market Report

Coachella Valley Real Estate Market Review 2021

Thankfully, we can put 2021 behind us and we’re happy to say the 2022 real estate market is off to a great start. A MIXED BAG FOR 2021 Looking back at 2021, it was a Great year for homeowners. If you were selling a home, you enjoyed huge ap...

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Palm Desert Real Estate Lessons from a Pro

Lessons from a Pro When Selling Your Home

THE STAGERS HOME Lessons from a Pro When Selling Your Home - A professional home stager recently decided to sell the 4,000+ square foot home she lived in with her husband. It was well maintained and by most standards, could have gone on the ...

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Steps in the Home Buying Process

Steps to the Home Buying Process

Steps to the Home Buying Process. Here, we have the order of things in the home buying process. The homebuying process is similar to preparing a great meal. First you take inventory of everything you need before you begin, and so is the c...

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Maximize Your Home Sale

How To Maximize Your Home Sale

HOW TO MAXIMIZE YOUR HOME SALE Even though we're in a fast paced real estate market with sales out-pacing new inventory, you still need to position your home for this market and know how to Maximize Your Home Sale. Your home is one of your ...

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Homeowner Equity

Homeowner Equity and Wealth Accumulation

Homeowner Equity Is Up On a National level, Homeowner Equity grew in the fourth quarter of 2020 by $1.5 Trillion.  Up 16% from 2019 according to CoreLogic a property insights firm. At the same time, Homeowners with negative equity, (mort...

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