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Green Plants to your Living Space

Top Design Trends in 2022

2022 Top Home Design Trends Many of the Top Design Trends in 2022 are iterations of past concepts. Not from a lack of imagination, but more from our need for the tried and true. As the pandemic has dragged on, keeping us in a state of uncertai...

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Strategies to Maximize your home sale

Strategies to Optimize Your Home Sale

Strategic Prep Work and Repairs are The Foundation to Optimize Your Home Sale  Selling a home is totally different than, selling a car for example.  You likely won't recapture the cost of doing work on your car before you trade it in.  Howe...

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Maximize Your Home Sale

How To Maximize Your Home Sale

HOW TO MAXIMIZE YOUR HOME SALE Even though we're in a fast paced real estate market with sales out-pacing new inventory, you still need to position your home for this market and know how to Maximize Your Home Sale. Your home is one of your ...

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Best Home Remodel Projects Under $10,000

Best Home Remodel Projects Under $10,000 Is it in the Bedroom, Bathroom or Kitchen? Home improvements, can average $20,000 or more for a Kitchen or Bath remodel according to Remodel Magazines, Cost vs Value Report. But the average homeowner ...

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Staging Tips – Paint Colors That Sell

Paint Colors that Sell. Did you know that using certain paint colors in specific rooms of your home can statistically increase the value by as much as $10,000? Sounds incredible, but it’s been proven true. According to an exhaustive study do...

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The Real Estate Corner Desert Market Update

The Real Estate Corner Desert Market Update NUMBER OF SALES Home sales are up Valley-wide. The total three-month sales are up 2.9%. On a city by city basis, six cities show higher sales, with three; Palm Desert, Desert Hot Springs and...

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The 11 Home Staging Mistakes to Avoid

Home Staging Design can make or break a potential sale. Whether you’re using what you have or starting from scratch, there are some common design mistakes you’ll want to avoid when Staging your Home to Sell.  Here are 11 Home Staging Mist...

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Top 6 Summer Staging Tips

SUMMER STAGING TIPS Did you know that more than 50% of the desert home sales happen during the summer months? The desert summer real estate market is as hot as it is outside; knowing how to present your home for sale will be an important...

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