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Top Design Trends in 2022

2022 Top Home Design Trends

Many of the Top Design Trends in 2022 are iterations of past concepts. Not from a lack of imagination, but more from our need for the tried and true. As the pandemic has dragged on, keeping us in a state of uncertainty and at home more than ever. We’re all looking for more stability, a simpler way of life that’s more authentic and familiar. 

Today, in a data driven world – it’s easier than ever to see into the future.  Retailer Websites and online App’s can see trends emerging by watching what people are searching for.  Just two examples, Pinterest cites a 140% increase in searches for “curved bar design” and a 170% jump in searches for “round pool decking ideas”.  All driven by Boomers, Millennials and GenX’s.  In essence, we can read their minds.


Biophilic Home DesignBiophilic Design integrates natural elements into the built environment, it’s an approach to architecture and design that aims to increase the connection between nature and people living and working indoors.  It includes natural lighting, ventilation, natural landscapes and space conditions.  the structure, serves as a bridge allowing people to connect with nature while indoors. 

After so much time indoors, people are seeking natural elements inside heir homes. Homeowners want to bring nature inside the home, creating a sense of being part of the outdoors and the freedom associated with it while still being indoors.  An increased connection between the interior and outdoor environment. 




Room Divider with Live Plants


As more people are spending a lot more time indoors and working from home – adding live plants has increased in popularity. That can include everything from adding a potted tree in the corner, to a living wall as a room divider, made from a variety of living plants.  Living plants in your home can improve concentration, relieve stress and improve indoor air quality.






green kitchen and bath


Green is popping up in every room of the house, including Kitchen Cabinets and Bathroom Tile. Many of the top selling paint brands have included various shades of green on their lists of top paint colors for 2022 






Earthy Textures



Earthy and tactile; expect to see more reclaimed wood, stone, clay, leather – textures that you would find in nature. Even textures like raked plaster or grainy stuccos.  Elliott and Ksenia Kagner, founders of New York City architecture and design studio Civilian Projects. The smooth, minimal contemporary design influences are trending toward crafted and historic forms.   





Curves in Architecture



Arched openings, arched windows and doors and ceilings for porches. The straight lines from the past several years are giving way to the Curve, adding interest and character to architectural design.  Expect to see curves pop up in furniture design and patterns as well. 






Black Accent


Warm tones are coming back into favor, with natural subtle colors. Black is still the preferred accent. Black window frames, exterior doors, and accent woven throughout the house.  







Living and Work SpaceAs the hybrid model of living and remote work from home seems to have no end in sight, flexible spaces have become a must.  Homeowners want functional spaces that are ideal for both living and working and the kids have an ideal space to learn. Even the possibility of adding an ADU that can throw off some additional income is showing up more and more.

The high cost of housing and elder care has brought multi-generational living into focus.  The rise in home prices has priced many young professionals out of the market forcing them to put off home buying, choosing instead to stay put in their parents house longer than expected.  All these trends had been bubbling for years, and accelerated during the pandemic.     

Expect to see more separation between common spaces like the Kitchen, Home Office, Dining and Living Room spaces. The open floor plan doesn’t work well when trying to create multi functional rooms for the live and work and learn environment.  The Open plan trend will start to taper in favor of layouts that distinguish between living and work spaces with more privacy for each. 


Outdoor Living


Larger, more luxurious outdoor living spaces continue to be on the top list of things people want.  Climate controlled spaces with Chef quality cooking, dining and entertainment with fire and / or water features and interior quality furniture made to hold up to the weather. 







Wood Cabinets



After a decade of white on white Kitchens, the trend is moving away from the stark toward the more natural warm hues of wood.  Granite will remain the top counter material, but now integrating two counter materials, mixing granite with hardwood Kitchen Island 







Metal Roof


Expect to see more metal roofing, either on the whole roof or as an accent such as a porch roof, or awning roof over windows. The metal roof is more expensive, but has a longer life-span than an asphalt roof.  A metal roof is considered eco-friendly, made from 25%  recycled material and is 100% recyclable. 






Concrete Home


As lumber costs have continued to increase, there’s more interest in concrete homes, up 258% over ten years to 10% of the entire market in 2019.  In the past, building with concrete block added 4% – 8% to the cost of construction, but now that gap has narrowed. Concrete block has many benefits, including energy efficiency, they can withstand more weather extremes and requires little upkeep. 








The trend of extreme minimalism, clear airy interior space with only what you genuinely need, is being replaced by the desire to have things that we love around us, treasures we’ve curated over time. Individual expressions and freedom, with unique statement pieces, mixing and matching texture, color and patterns – subtle colors, but still nothing over the top in terms of clutter. 





The pandemic has left a broad reaching imprint on the way we live and work, opening up new ways of thinking and doing things.  As we head into 2022 it will be an exciting time to see what new trends or fad’s emerge into our lifestyles and culture. As real estate agents in the Coachella Valley, we’ve witnessed the migration out of big cities to the Suburbs to the great benefit of our local economy. 

If you’re thinking about moving to the Valley, give us a ring.  We’re happy to share our knowledge of the local market to help you make a great buying decision for you and your family.  We’re on standby to help (760) 218 – 5752

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