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Best Home Remodel Projects Under $10,000

Best Home Remodel Projects Under $10,000 Is it in the Bedroom, Bathroom or Kitchen?

Home improvements, can average $20,000 or more for a Kitchen or Bath remodel according to Remodel Magazines, Cost vs Value Report. But the average homeowner is budgeting about $9,000 for a remodel this year. So how do you know where the best money is spent?

Here are a few tips How To Get The Biggest Bang for your Buck with the Best Home Remodel Projects Under $10,000.

Bathroom Remodel

• Install modern plumbing fixtures
• Replace a cabinet with a vanity
• Update the counter tops
• Replace dated lighting
• Add storage by adding shelves

Bedroom Remodel

• Brighten up the room with an accent wall and lighting
• Add storage with a closet organizer / system
• Add an area rug
• Update the window coverings
• Beautiful Linens

Kitchen Remodel
• Add contemporary counter-tops and door hardware.
• Customize the pantry with storage.
• Add modern plumbing fixtures.
• Add a suite of Stainless Appliances
• Give cabinets a face-lift with new paint.

When it comes to the best home remodel projects under $10,000. these budget-conscious improvements can keep you from overspending. Your highest return will be with the simple things that make your home look more modern, and add more functionality to a room. It pays to spend wisely!

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