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Staging It……

Staging Your Home To Sell is More Important Than Ever in a Difficult Market……

Top Dollar Demands Top Repair

Don’t let repairs stand between you & and the offer you want.  You can offer a repair allowance, BUT you’ll never know about the offer that didn’t happen because the repairs looked like too much work for the buyer.

If you find a buyer that’s willing to do the work, 9 times out of 10, they will over compensate with a low offer.

It will likely cost you less to do the repairs yourself than the concession you will have to make.
In general, basic maintenance expenses are a “Low Cost / High Gain” proposition.  Fixing a dripping faucet may be as easy as replacing a washer.  However, to the Buyer, that minor drip may equate to a major plumbing problem in their mind.
Buyers just won’t pay top dollar for a house with a leaky roof, malfunctioning furnace or faulty plumbing.   While these issues may have big price tags, doing the repair will keep your home in the top price range.

Some Repair Basics-

  • Replace any cracked or broken glass
  • Recaulk where needed, around tub & showers, are most common areas
  • Doors & windows should open & close easily
  • All shades, blinds, and shutters should be working
  • Patch & paint any cracks or nail holes in the walls
  • Replace any missing or cracked  tile, regrout if needed
  • If carpet cannot be cleaned satisfactorily, replace with new
  • Refinish hard flooring that shows marks or wear
  • Replace missing or tighten any loose doorknobs and cabinet pulls
  • Oil squeaky hinges.

We’re here to help, if you’re thinking about selling your home in the Desert – give us a call, we’ll be happy to review buyer preferences and current trends in the market.  See more information at   Cathi & Ben Walter 760.218.5752