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Out with the old and in with the new

2018 Home Design Trends – What to Ditch and What to Look for

Out of style Chevron Pattern

OUT – Chevron Patterns and Gray

Time to ditch the Chevron pattern that we’ve seen everywhere from wallpaper to lampshades. Muted gray and white is on the way out, making way for color.

2018 Color Trend

IN – Color

Warm rich color is making its way onto walls, moldings, and furniture in a big way. Peacock Blues and Greens, Burnt Orange, and even pops of “Gen Z Yellow”

Oversized Range Hood

OUT – White Kitchens and Large Range Hoods

All white Kitchens are still popular, however, black, two tone cabinets, and wood tone cabinets are the trend for 2018 with Quartz counters.

2018 Integrated Range Hood

IN – Warm Woods and Integrated Range Hoods

OUT – White on White Everything

Monochromatic white on white interiors are giving way to more realistic lifestyles that include kids and dogs. Look for rich warm colors to show up in 2018.

IN – Warm Color


Outdated Farm house look

OUT – Farmhouse Style

The Farmhouse look has been in style for about 4 years. 2018 Style trends are moving toward minimal design.

2018 Interior Design Trend

IN – Warm and Minimal