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Common Staging Mistakes Homeowners Make

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In a competitive market, home staging is more important than ever.  Successfully staging a home can make the difference between one that moves quickly for the right price, versus one that languishes on the market unsold.

In this article, Cathi Walter outlines some of the most Common Home Staging Mistakes to Avoid




Common Home Staging Mistakes To Avoid

1.) Misunderstanding what home staging can do.

One of the most Common Home Staging Mistakes to avoid  is not understanding that Home staging techniques should never be used as clever cover-ups for poor maintenance, structural problems or mechanical issues. Tackle any repairs and improvements before staging. All light bulbs working with high wattage bulbs, no holes in the walls, scuffed base boards painted.  The house should be in excellent repair and condition before anyone comes into the home for staging.

2.) Getting too personal with staging

Don’t make the mistake of thinking home staging strategies will follow your own personal decorating style. The reason for staging is to create a neutral canvas that a wide range of buyers can visualize themselves and their lifestyle. One common Home Staging mistake to avoid are over dramatic faux finishes, or unusual color schemes, they should be painted over with a neutral color.  Collections, family photo galleries  and other personal mementos – go ahead and pre-pack memories you intend to keep ahead of marketing your home to sell.

3.) Forgetting to Stage for Storage

Potential buyers will open Cabinets, Closets and of course the Garage when they tour a property. Thoroughly clean and declutter every corner of your home. It’s all critical to the buyers impression of space and storage.  If it looks like you’re bursting at the seams with stuff – the buyer will naturally think there isn’t enough room for their stuff either.

4) Not Using Area Rugs to Define Areas

An Open Floorplan is great, but most Buyers have a hard time visualizing. One Common Home Staging Mistake to Avoid; If you have a Great Room floorplan with large open spaces, and they’re not clearly delineated – it creates confusion.   The solution; use area rugs to define the different spaces.  Make it easy for Buyers to understand how each space can be used.


5.) Failing to Preplan for Photographs

One of the most Common Home Staging Mistakes to Avoid is proper planning for photographs.  Home Buyers begin their search online; those photographs need to be “high quality” in both clarity and composition. They need to present the best features of your home in the best way possible.  Look past the foreground, what’s in the background?  What’s cut off on the margins?  And for goodness sake NO photos of toilets!   Great Staging should pull your eye through a space creating anticipation to see what’s next.

As one of the leading teams in the Desert Real Estate Market and Home Stylist, we showcase the strongest features of your home.  Elevating your home above the competition.  No matter what type of market – Presentation is King.

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