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Home Equity

Home Equity Working for You

YOUR BEST PERFORMING INVESTMENT For most of us, our homes are the largest asset we own and the best performing investment. EQUITY DEFINED Home Equity is defined as; the difference between what your home is worth and what is owed. There are...

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Photograph your Home Inventory

Why Do I Need A Home Inventory?

WHY DO I NEED A HOME INVENTORY? As a Home owner, you have Homeowners Insurance to cover damage to your house, that policy likely includes personal property coverage - in case of a burglary, fire, or some other insured circumstance. Do you ha...

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Optimize your home sale with curb appeal

Strategies to Optimize Your Home Sale

Selling a home is totally different than.... selling a car for example, doing a lot of work to your car before you trade or sell it to a dealer isn't generally a good idea, you likely won't recapture your costs.  However, as a home seller you'...

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Maximize Your Home Sale

How To Maximize Your Home Sale

HOW TO MAXIMIZE YOUR HOME SALE Even though we're in a fast paced real estate market with sales out-pacing new inventory, you still need to position your home for this market and know how to Maximize Your Home Sale. Your home is one of your ...

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Is it time to end your Mortgage Insurance

How Can You Eliminate Private Mortgage Insurance?

Private Mortgage Insurance benefits the lender if a borrower with less than a 20% down payment defaults on their loan.  In this article, we explore ways borrowers can Eliminate Private Mortgage Insurance.     Most convent...

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