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Palm Desert Vacation

Vacation Homeownership in Palm Desert

Experience the Best of Palm Desert with Your Vacation Home Owning a second home in Palm Desert, or the greater Palm Springs Valley, comes with excitement and the promise of relaxing weekends in the warm Desert sunshine.  A second home is th...

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Rising IMortgage Rates


INFLATION, MORTGAGE RATES AND REAL ESTATE There’s been a lot of speculation and hand wringing about high inflation, rising interest rates and the real estate market. Not surprisingly, people are concerned how it will impact real estate mar...

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Housing Bubble?

Are We In a Housing Bubble?

Rising Home Prices, Multiple Offers, and Limited Inventory.  Home Buyers are Asking, "Are we in a Housing Bubble and is Now a Good Time to Buy? We say No We’re Not in a Housing Bubble and Yes, It is a Good Time to Buy ..... and Here’s why...

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Steps in the Home Buying Process

Steps to the Home Buying Process

Steps to the Home Buying Process. Here, we have the order of things in the home buying process. The homebuying process is similar to preparing a great meal. First you take inventory of everything you need before you begin, and so is the c...

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Coachella Music Festivals 2022

Coachella Music Festivals 2022

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival 2022 Coachella April 15-17, 2022 Stage Coach April 22-24, 2022 Festival promoter, Golden Voice announced the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival 2022 is on! After two false starts due to th...

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Buy a Bigger House now with Low Interest Rates

Rethink the Starter Home Strategy

Beginning homeownership with a "starter" home, has long been the traditional strategy for generations. Part of the logic behind starting with a smaller home; it gives you an opportunity to learn what it takes to maintain a house and helps y...

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Tax Refund Might Open the Door to Homeownership

Your Tax Refund Could Open the Door to Homeownership

Open the Door to Owning a Home One of the silver linings to filing your income tax return is discovering Your Tax Refund Could Open the Door to Homeownership.  Your refund could literally help you buy a home. If you're one of these fortunat...

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Desert Market Report

Today we’re answering the Question,  How’s the Desert Real Estate Market?                 IT'S A GOOD NEWS STORY FOR BOTH HOME BUYERS AND HOME SELLERS The Desert Real ...

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Make your 1st Offer your Best Offer

Make Your Best Offer FIRST

  Making your First Offer your Best Offer is a strategy that may be difficult to understand until you've lost a few homes to better offers. The reality of this real estate market is there just aren't many homes on the market.  As co...

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Homeowner's Ins vs Mortage Ins

Home Insurance and Mortgage Insurance

Many homeowners with a mortgage pay for two types of insurance but only one protects the owner. Homeowner's insurance covers damage to your property and loss from fire, burglary, vandalism, and other named natural disasters written in th...

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