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Tricks to Make Your Home Look Larger

Large Look Adds Value

When it comes to real estate, bigger is almost always better.  Larger homes command higher prices.  However, size is something that is very much determined by the eye of the beholder.  Actually adding on a room or expanding one or several will naturally increase a house’s square footage, but such additions can be quite costly and may not turn out as planned.  There are fortunately a number of ways that a homeowner can increase the way a home looks in regards to size without resorting to troublesome add-ons.

Installing a wall of windows will not only lighten a room and brighten its appearance, but it will make the place seem larger by creating a view to the outside rather than hemming the view in with opaque walls.  Care must be taken though to make sure the design for such a feature matches the style set by the rest of the house.

Small rooms such as entryways can appear cluttered if lined with furniture.  A better option may be to add built in cabinetry and window seats.  These can enhance the look of a room and trick the eye into believing the space is larger than it is by adding vertical detail and eye catching details.  An investment in such built-ins will pay for itself in added value.

Doorways can be rebuilt to make them as wide and as tall as possible.  Wide moldings and transom windows will amplify the effect. People often go overboard and remove an entire wall to enlarge a room when work of this sort on just the doorway will achieve the same results.

Desks and dressers can look out of place in small rooms because they occupy so much of the limited wall space.  Instead, the entire wall can be converted into a storage space through the use of partitions and planking.  For instance, a single long, narrow shelf running the length of the room can serve the same function as a rectangular desk.

More Tips from the Pros

Making the room more sensual can add to its look by involving more than just the eye.  Pipe music into the place to add sound.  Put in flowers for the smell.  Open up the doors and windows to feel a fresh breeze.

Flooring that is large in scale will make a room appear greater in size.  Pick a large pattern to install on the floor.  If tile is employed, select larger tiles to use.  Installing tiles on a diagonal will make even a tiny powder room appear larger.

If a small room abuts a hallway, hang a striking work of art on the wall opposite the doorway.  This will have the effect of drawing the eye outward beyond the room’s boundaries.  It also incorporates the hallway into the design of the house proper rather than leaving it as a needed but unwanted appendage.

Following these suggestions will make a home feel larger even if the square footage remains constant.  It will also make the place feel more livable.


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