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Tablescaping for the Holiday’s

Creating Festive Flair at your Holiday TableAdd Festive Flair by turning your dining table into a Holiday Celebration.  

First rule of thumb; keep the Conversation flowing. You can add vertical interest with your centerpiece but keep it below the seated eye level of your guests. Open sight lines are important to help your guests feel welcome & comfortable at your table.  Keep them chatting without dodging around the centerpiece.

Simple combinations of color, accents, dinnerware, and table linens, can create a stunning tablescape and an unexpected surprise.

The art of tablescapes doesn’t require formal china, crystal, or sterling silver to create a dramatic and inviting table. What makes it fun and exciting is the freedom to mix patterns to create a spectacular display.

Select your color scheme – color will tie a variety of objects together to create your look and set a mood.  Tablecloths can transform a modest table into a sophisticated work of art.  Solid colors and formal prints such as damask create an impressive elegance.

Use the primary color of your place settings as the base color, and build upon it by mixing another set of dinnerware together, perhaps salad plates in a complimentary color or pattern.

 The coordinating elements will be the tablecloth, napkins, napkin rings, chargers, candles and seasonal décor to design a beautiful, festive holiday table.

 Napkins are a great way to add color and pizzazz to your setting – add vertical interest by placing your napkins in the empty wine glasses with the ends sticking up for a flashy show.  Or, find a collection of creative napkin rings.

Your centerpiece is the jewel that will distinguish your table and the festive spirit.  Create a tablescape with Christmas Greens around the table, add a few small ornaments, red holly berries or perhaps clear icicle branches interwoven with the greens.    Your centerpiece have a Wow effect – Include fresh flowers of the season making sure to keep it well below sitting eye level of your guests so they can easily converse across the table.  

What about a small wrapped gift at each place setting, that everyone opens before dinner to get the jocularity flowing. 

Candles, (without fragrance), will set the mood, and don’t forget the music; sounds of the season add the final touch for setting the mood.