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Staging Your Home to Sell

Staging Your Home to Sell

This month we’re pillow talking about the Bedroom.  The Master Bedroom in particular is the room you want to showcase as All About Luxury & Calm.  You can create a restful haven with simple touches to pull the Buyer in.Staging Your Home to Sell

Add a Lofty new Plush Duvet Cover with lots of coordinating pillows and shams.

Hang a framed mirror across from a window to pick up & reflect natural light into the room, creating a sense of spaciousness.

Add a live tree or grouping of green plants of varying heights to an empty corner.

Place an upholstered chaise or comfortable chair & ottoman in the corner with a floor lamp & small side table.  Add a throw, a vase with fresh flowers on the table with a book & instantly the Buyer’s mind is transported, “this is where I want to relax & enjoy a good book?”

Evaluate the lighting; make sure you don’t have any dark areas. When selling your home, Do Not use compact flourescent bulbs, they don’t throw off enough light making your home seem dark.  Consider replacing old or outdated overhead fixtures or lamps.

Showcase the fireplace with a basket of logs on the hearth, even if it’s a gas fireplace.  Add art above the mantle to give a sense of height.

If you have a sitting area in the Master, use an area rug to help define the space; add a love seat, coffee table and chair if you have room with a floor lamp.  Add a live plant, a board game and bowl of snacks to the coffee table – suggesting this is a place to relax & unwind.

Create flow from the bedroom into the Master Bath – make sure you’ve carried your tranquil staging into the Bath, this will complete the picture for the Buyer.

Setting your home apart from the competition is just one of the critical services we provide for our clients. If you’re thinking about selling your home, or you’ve had you home on the market and it did not sell, call today to find out how our strategic marketing will make the difference in selling your home for top dollar. 760.218.5752

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