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Staging your Home To Sell – Neutralize, Don’t Sterilize


Staging your home to sell, 
A newspaper, a pair of eye glasses, a French press and a soft throw; wonder what they have in common?  They’re terrific props for home staging.  Strategically placed; they help generate an emotional response from your potential buyer.  All of a sudden that boring corner with a window & a chair becomes a place to enjoy the morning sun with a cup of coffee & the newspaper. 

These “mental move in cues” are an important part of a home staging design plan. Every detail needs to be thought out from the eyes of the “most likely” buyer for your home. Of course, home staging is about making a home look beautiful, but home staging goes deeper than that, your home should capture the heart of the right buyer and compel them to make an offer.

You may have heard that you need to neutralize your home in order to sell. That’s true, as long as you neutralize, not sterilize!   A home still needs to be inviting, engaging, and warm. Making your home  feel sterile won’t help it sell, it may actually work against your effort to sell. 


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