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Staging Your Home in 2018

Staged Living RoomStaging your home to sell in 2018  – Home Staging has become the industry standard.  Today, Home Buyers are looking for “Hotel Ready”.  We have ample evidence proving that staged homes are on the market less time and will sell at a higher price than a home that has not been staged. A properly staged home also helps your potential buyer visualize the home as their own.

Here are 5 Simple Tips for Staging Your Home to Sell

1.) Stellar photography is essential. However, even amazing photography can only go so far without excellent staging.

2.) Light it Up – Lighting is everything and a great low-cost solution that will reap rewards for you. Now is not the time for energy efficient light bulbs, put high wattage bulbs in your lamps and overhead lights and turn them on for showings.

3.) Float your furniture – by pulling your furniture away from the wall, and floating it in the room you actually make the room look larger and help the buyer navigate the space. Use the homes traffic pattern to help guide you. Furniture should never be a distraction but enhance the flow of the room and the house.

4.) Fresh Flowers are a Universal Crowd Pleaser – They add vibrancy, beauty, and aroma to any room.  Bouquets can be used as centerpieces in the kitchen or dining table, and smaller arrangements can be placed on side tables. Even a few small stems in a mason jar can offer a welcoming touch.

5.) Sell the lifestyle – You aren’t selling a home, you are selling the lifestyle. It’s all about the feeling a potential buyer gets when they walk through the door.  You want them to feel at home by showing them what the life in the home looks like.

That means creating moments they can connect to — without it feeling contrived. A cozy reading nook in a living room or a collection of glass jars on a tray in the master bath creates a sense of both luxury and comfort.

5.) Use elegant white linens – Create a spa-like atmosphere in the Master with White Bed Linens. A clean, white, lofty cotton duvet cover and white pillows add a pleasant hotel look. In the bathroom, thick white towels and shower curtains can transform a frumpy bathroom to a luxury spa look.

Staging is about creating an online photo presentation that brings buyers offline and through the front door. Today, the “drive-by” is first done online and the way your home is presented online is a key element in the marketing of your home.

Yes, it does take more than 5 quick tips to create the perfect staged home, but it’s a great start to help you reach your goals.

If you would like more information about how professional marketing and staging will get your home sold faster for more, give us a call, we’re here to help.