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Essential Home Staging Tips

contemporary interiorToday, Home Stagers are tackling all-out transformations that aim to present compelling contemporary design, while projecting a complete aspirational package.

It’s not just about solving a problem now, but much more about presenting a lifestyle to prospective buyers, Things have changed, in terms of people’s expectations, they expect homes to be bright and fresh. Ornate furniture and heavy fabrics are now a turnoff for most buyers and they don’t want the home packed. They want a cleaner, simpler lifestyle with more flair and fun.

Painting all the walls a neutral off-white are giving way to bold accent walls.  People are looking for more personality.

A handful of attractive photos in handsome frames might actually help create the right environment. If a photo shows the family on vacation, maybe someplace warm and nice, that ties into a lifestyle a buyer might want to emulate.

A good staging job shouldn’t look like a stage set..

NIX THE STAGE SET Setting the dining table with plates, cutlery and glasses, or placing a breakfast tray at the foot of the bed appears too contrived to savvy buyers.

REPLACE TRADITIONAL FURNITURE Rent or buy inexpensive contemporary furniture to stand in for pieces that appear dark, heavy, old or ornate.

NEW TOWELS AND LINENS Fresh, fluffy towels and crisp white bed linens are an inexpensive way to suggest luxury.

AVOID SCENTS Smells that are pleasing to you may be off-putting to potential buyers. Avoid scented candles, fragrant flowers and baking or cooking right before showings.

EMBRACE THE ACCENT WALL While most walls should be painted neutral hues, some stagers now use a bold color or wallpaper on a single wall.

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