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A Sad Story Relived Over and Over

Ask any real estate agent and they will tell you a similar sad story. The seller, whose home just hit the market, received an offer which was less than the list price, but felt secure their home would sell quickly and countered for more. For ...

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Home Equity

Home Equity Working for You

YOUR BEST PERFORMING INVESTMENT For most of us, our homes are the largest asset we own and the best performing investment. EQUITY DEFINED Home Equity is defined as; the difference between what your home is worth and what is owed. There are...

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Doing Nothing is Costing Something

It has been said that more money has been lost due to indecisions than ever was due to making the wrong decisions. Many times, the larger the decision, the more likely procrastination comes into play and doing nothing will cost something. Bu...

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Property Inheritance

Stepped-up basis is an incredible benefit to people who inherit property. Not only do they receive the property itself, the basis or cost value of the property becomes the fair market value at the time of the decedent's death. This avoids rec...

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Less to Own than to Rent

The question is "financially speaking, are you better off owning than renting in the long term?" Renting a home has advantages. It is usually a short-term commitment from year to year and the landlord is responsible for the repairs. Owning ...

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Home Warranty

Are You Covered?

It's 100 Degrees outside, your AC just quit.....who are you going to call?   Your Home Warranty Company! A Home Warranty is a service contract on your home.  It protects the appliances and some of the home systems for repairs or possible ...

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Credit and Getting a Mortgage

All About Credit and Getting a Home Mortgage

All About Credit and Getting a Home Mortgage Two separate buyers with the same income; each are buying the same price home. They both may be approved by the lender, but they might be charged different interest rates based on their credit sco...

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Steps in the Home Buying Process

Steps to the Home Buying Process

Steps to the Home Buying Process. Here, we have the order of things in the home buying process. The homebuying process is similar to preparing a great meal. First you take inventory of everything you need before you begin, and so is the c...

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Photograph your Home Inventory

Why Do I Need A Home Inventory?

WHY DO I NEED A HOME INVENTORY? As a Home owner, you have Homeowners Insurance to cover damage to your house, that policy likely includes personal property coverage - in case of a burglary, fire, or some other insured circumstance. Do you ha...

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Rate of Return Simplified

Simple Real Estate Rate of Return

Want a quicker way to evaluate a rental property?  This modified annual property operating data may be just what you've been looking for. Many Different Rates of Return Investors Look at There are many different rates of return investor'...

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