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What is Environmentally Friendly Real Estate?

We are hearing this expression a lot more these days “Green”. The federal government does not have a specific definition for “environmentally- friendly”, so we have to rely on organizations that will set standards to qualify a product or usage of a product to meet minimum requirements to be labeled for energy efficiency or environmental safety. In this time of high oil prices, and climate change, there is a new awareness of how we effect the environment we live in.

Environmental concerns have become popular conversation. While some of the ideas and practices have been around for ages, the practical use of these concepts in our modern times is new. We hear and see it in everything from clothing, alternative fuel, building products, and cleaning products. For the most part consumers have to educate themselves and look for reputable companies, read labels and research products.

Being green does not mean you need to be wealthy or compromise your comfort and health. In most instances living green should not require any special effort. There are many cities that work with energy companies to help consumers switch to efficient products with rebates and other incentives, including such products as low water flow toilets, programmable thermostats, solar panels, thankless water heaters, florescent bulbs, weather stripping and the list goes on. A little energy saving here, a little less trash in our land fills there, one less gallon of gas, all of these can add up to a lot of savings.

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