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What a Home Buyer Should Never Say to a Home Seller

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Things a Home Buyer Should Never Say to a Seller
If you’re house hunting, whether it’s your first home or fifth, it’s an exciting time and easy to perhaps reveal more than you should. Holding your cards close to your vest, so to speak, will be an important strategy as you zero in on the property you think you might want to make an offer on.

Seeing something you love (or hate) can often cause you to blurt all kinds of things, some of which you might regret. Because while you should always be upfront with your agent, you might not want to be quite so candid around the home seller or their agent.

Why? What you say, can and will be used against you.  Before you stick your proverbial foot in mouth, consider these top things never to say when you’re shopping for your new home.

“You’ll Never Get That Price!”
You might be thinking “I wouldn’t pay that for this house”, as a buyer it’s best to keep your thoughts and opinions between yourself and your agent in private. Even if you think a home is priced high, it’s likely priced within range of the comparables in the neighborhood.

“I Can Afford to pay X.”
Certainly you want to know how much you can afford by talking to your lender and need to discuss that with your agent, BUT sharing that information with a home-seller or their agent is never a good idea. It can skew the price negotiation if the seller or their agent knows how much you can or will pay. If asked, deflect the question with, “Finding a fairly priced home is what matters to us more than the amount we can afford.” Try it, it works!

This is my dream house!’
Ever play poker? Well then you should know that if you want to maintain a strong negotiating position, never tip your hand, Interested parties who express their unbridled passion for a home are shooting themselves.

These are the kind of things that can help the sellers snag more money out of the buyers, because they really know how much this house means to them. All discussions about the house and any negotiating strategies are best left to be discussed in private with your agent.

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