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We hear a lot of talk about staging…

Q. It seems very expensive, how much should we invest to get our home ready to sell?

A. You’re right! We never recommend over-investing on the pre-sale repairs or improvements. New Stone flooring might really add drama to your home, but potential buyers are not likely to increase the price they offer enough to compensate the expense.

A pre market walk through will determine where your efforts and investments are best spent. Generally, focusing on small, relatively inexpensive touch-ups will give your home the polished, well-maintained appearance Buyers are looking for. A fresh coat of neutral paint, new cabinet hardware in the kitchen and bathrooms are small changes that buyers will appreciate.

Be sure the exterior looks well maintained. Keep the landscape looking perfect. Examine doors, windows and the overall exterior; paint & repair anything that needs attention.

If you have areas that are showing deferred maintenance – Buyer’s will notice; repair any cracks, fix leaky faucets and that sliding door that’s difficult to open, replace missing roof tile. Not exciting, but productive.

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