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Top Do’s and Don’ts of Staging Your Home to Sell

When Staging Your Home to Sell

You only get one chance to make a good first impression…make it count.

Staging Your Home to Sell

Make Them Fall in Love from the Street – Wash the walkways & porch, keep the lawn manicured & green, add seasonal flowers to walkway leading to the door, add a fresh coat of paint to the  Front Door, Black is classic & dramatic, brick red is also popular, make the entrance reach out & grab them at the curb.

Remove all big clunky furniture – Less is more when selling your home and oversized couches, chairs or coffee tables make the room look cluttered and tight.

Depersonalize – Clutter deters a home buyer probably more than anything.  Buyers need to see your home, not your stuff.  Excessive personal items like photos, collections make it difficult for the buyer to see past your style.

Invest in Artwork – Displaying new artwork is a great way to breathe new life into a room. Photography is a great way to make a room look more contemporary and add a splash of color.

Make it Sparkle – Clean, Clean, Clean – This is an essential tip. Dust Vacuum, Clean the Windows, Mop the Floors & Baseboards. Even clean the Kids, the Cat, and the Dog!  Make sure there are no weird odors floating around. Clean the Doors & Doorknobs. Clean & organize inside the closets & cupboards and the garage too.

Make Repairs – Turn your home into a “High Maintenance Zone”, Repair squeaky doors, chipped or smudged paint, replace broken fixtures, leaky faucets.  Deal with any repair issues you’ve put off; it’s better now than later after you’re under contract & a home inspector adds it to a long list of items to be repaired.

Don’t Take it Personally – The minute you decide to sell you home, think of it as a product, one that you want to sell fast & for top dollar.  Don’t take buyers’ remarks personally. Instead, think of it as free advice on how to make your product live up to its highest potential. Emotionally Detach yourself.

Don’t Think The House Will Sell Itself –
The real market is a game. You need to make your home the most appealing product on the block.  Declutter, clean & do small repairs, repaint and in general make it fresh & welcoming.

Don’t Go Out & Buy All New Furniture –
If your home isn’t selling, chances are it’s not the furniture, but instead too much furniture.  Remove or edit the furniture you have before you completely redo.

Don’t Do Major Renovations – Limit the amount of time & investment you make on renovations to the essentials, replace old flooring, tackle small repairs like paint or changing outdated fixtures.  Save your renovation energy and dollars for your new home.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Help – Call in a Stager. whether they spend a few hours giving you some helpful tips or they come into completely redecorate your entire space.  It’s money well spent and will eventually end up back in your pocket when you sell for top dollar.

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