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San Pablo Turn About

Palm Desert Art in Public Places

ART IN PUBLIC PLACES In early 2021, the city of Palm Desert prepared for the latest addition to its Art in Public Places Program. They initiated an open call, inviting artists to submit applications for their design concepts for a 360-degree a...

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Water Lanterns

Water Lantern Festival

Water Lantern Festival at Palm Desert Civic Center Park An incredible and one of a kind experience as you set your special lantern afloat. Enjoy a memorable evening with friends and family as you watch the beauty of thousands of lanterns refle...

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Buy a Bigger House now with Low Interest Rates

Rethink the Starter Home Strategy

Beginning homeownership with a "starter" home, has long been the traditional strategy for generations. Part of the logic behind starting with a smaller home; it gives you an opportunity to learn what it takes to maintain a house and helps y...

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