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Staging your Kitchen to Sell…

Some say, “People buy the Kitchen and the rest of the house goes with it.” That’s not so far fetched, The Kitchen is the Heart of any Home and to most buyer’s the most important room. 

  Making a great first impression in the Kitchen is essential; clutter is an immediate turn off to buyers and can add years to the look of a Kitchen.

  Prospective buyers will open everything, yes everything, they want to know if there’s room for their… stuff. If the counters, pantry & cupboards appear to be packed & disorganized – their immediate thought is the Kitchen doesn’t have enough storage.

Now is the time to pre-pack, sell or donate those items that you don’t use.  Get super organized & clean in the Kitchen.

Staging is a Process of making all the rooms in your home as inviting as possible to the widest range of buyers.

 It’s usually difficult for buyers to look beyond chaos, clutter, personal styles of decorating. When staging a property, the goal is to evoke emotion allowing buyer the opportunity to picture themselves living there. 

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