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Staging Your Home To Sell

Sept StagingWe already know Staging makes the difference when selling your home; but what are the key areas that give you the most impact.

1. Create a Focal Point – If you have a room that lacks an obvious focal point, like a fireplace, creat one!  Something as simple as a quality, large scale, silk tree in a visable corner.  Add a spotlight behind so it uplights, creating interesting shadows on the wall. This can really make a difference in a persons perception of the space, expecially if it’s a large room without too much natural light.

2. Set up a Chat Room – Position the living room furniture for conversation as well as entertainment. Potential buyers should be able to easily envision sitting in a space where they can easily talk without having to move a chair or turn around in their chair.

3. Fresh New Bedding – Lush, lofty bedding with an array of deco pillows evokes a feeling of calm and coming home.  Introduce live plants with lighting and don’t forget to extend the look into the Master Bath, creating a Spa like feel.

4. Tease the Nose – Appeal to all the senses, pop an apple pie in the oven or simmer spices on the stove to activate all the senses.

5. Light it Up – When selling your home, this is not the time for enery efficient bulbs, replace bulbs with high wattage light bulbs. Light & Bright is essential when selling your home.

6. Clear Pathways – Move or remove furniture that blocks passage from one room to another .

7. Sight-lines – Much like removing furniture that blocks passage, you also want to remove anything that blocks a Buyer’s sight-line from one room to the next.  The visual impact of space & flow is an important factor when staging your home to sell.

If you want more information about Selling your Home in the Desert; give us a ring.  We’re happy to share a few Tricks of the Trade.


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