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Real Estate Photographs

PhotographsContrary to what you might have heard, a buyer’s first impression is no longer that special moment when they first pull up to check out your curb appeal. In fact, more often than not, they’ve already checked out your place from front to back online—and for all you know, they may have decided to cruise right by…online.

In this digital age, most buyers spend weeks  perusing online listings, looking at photographs, making Pinterest dream boards, texting must-see homes to their agent, and judging.

What’s the key difference between a home, saved as one to visit and one doomed to be mocked on social media?  PHOTOGRAPHS!

Photographs are today’s Curb Appeal

Here are 5 Easy Tips to get your home ready for Show Time:

1.) Knickknacks aren’t photogenic

Hide your collections that make your house feel homey (to you) but don’t translate well online.  “Photos tend to look best with the least amount of stuff as possible,” says Darryl Glade, CEO of IMOTO a professional real estate photography company in New Orleans, LA.

2.) Store away everything personal (even wall art) before your photo shoot—don’t forget the small kitchen appliances and, yes, your shampoo. You want your house to convey a model home feel.

3.) Dirt really shows

HDR cameras pick up all the little stains you’ll try to hide, they capture everything.

A missed stain on the kitchen floor, dust on the mantel, slight discoloration in the carpet—it’s all going to show in the photos. Happily, a pro can edit most of those things out, but your house needs to be as clean as possible before the shoot.

4.) It isn’t just the weather on the big day that matters
what about the day before?

“If your yard maintenance crew comes Monday, and there is a storm Monday night, maybe it is a good idea to reschedule your Tuesday photos so that the yard is in perfect condition for the shoot,” Glade says.

5.) The day of your shoot, do a final sweep. Look for anything you might have missed, pay extra attention to blinds, curtains, bedspreads, and shower curtains, making sure they are in place and smooth,” Glade says. And don’t forget the bathroom. “Make sure the toilet lids are closed. Refresh the toilet paper rolls,” he says. “These little things can make a big difference!


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