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Palm Springs International Airport

The Palm Springs International Airport
Named by Smarter Travel as one of the Top 10 “Most Stress-Free Airports” in the U.S.

The Palm Springs International Airport connects The Coachella Valley to the World and is a major player in the success of the Valley in terms of Business revenues, Housing, Tourism and the Healthcare Industry.

Today, The Palm Springs International Airport is a hub for International Travel Destinations. With the addition of new direct flights into the valley, economic opportunities have opened up to all facets of the local economy not the least of which is the impact on future homeownership opportunities.  As travel to and from the valley gets easier, it also becomes more attractive to own and keep a vacation home here. Whether it’s a Lock and Leave Condo, Fairway Home in a Golf Community, Tennis Estate, or Single Family Home in a Gated Community, Home prices are very affordable as compared to nearby metropolitan areas and the lifestyle is diverse, attracting all ages to this sunny wonderland.

The Palm Springs International Airport welcomes visitors each year from over 500 cities from around the world and is served by ten airlines connecting hundreds of cities worldwide with direct flights from ten major airline hubs.

The Most Recent Additions to the nonstop flight schedules include Flights directly to and from
New York, NY
Minneapolis St Paul, MN
Stockton, CA
San Jose, CA
Houston, TX
Denver, CO
Winnipeg, Manitoba

The Most Popular Direct Flights continue to be
Bellingham, WA  Calgary, Alberta   Chicago, IL   Dallas Ft Worth   Edmonton, Alberta   Los Angeles, CA   Phoenix, AZ  Portland, OR   Salt Lake City, UT   San Francisco, CA   Seattle, WA   Toronto, Ontario    Vancouver, BC

Did you Know?
The original Palm Springs Municipal Airport was laid out in the early 1920’s, but there are no known photographs until 1928 showing two planes parked in front of two small hangars.

1928 Palm Springs Airport

Circa 1936 photos, show American Airlines DC-3’s parked at the Palm Springs Municipal Airport, with the caption:

The vision for the Palm Springs Municipal Airport;
A Regular Port of Call for Major
Transcontinental Air Lines.

In 1937, the Airports Directory described the airport as a Commercial Airport having 3 sandy runways with the longest being 3,400’ and the Hangar marked with Palm Springs on the roof.

Palm Springs Airfield Sandy Runways

By 1939, World War II was approaching and the US military was preparing, they laid out a much larger airfield to the East and opened it as the Palm Springs Army Airfield, using it as a staging field by the Air Corps Ferrying Command.  The Palm Springs Airfield is still used today and is now called the Palm Springs International Airport.

The original Palm Springs Municipal Airport remained open during World War II as a civilian airport but later abandoned in 1946.  During the 1950’s Amado Rd was built across the old runways;  then throughout the 1980’s & 1990’s development of Tahquitz and Ave Caballeros pretty much removed any evidence of the old airport.