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Palm Desert Greek Festival 2017

Palm Desert Greek Festival 2017

Palm Desert Greek Festival 2017

The Palm Desert Greek Festival 2017 is a community celebration of Greek culture – from guided Church tours to Byzantine icons; live Greek music and traditional folk dancing; souvenirs, ethnic groceries, and religious items. But, the heart of our festival is the wonderful homemade Greek food and pastries created from generational, family recipes. OPA!

The dedicated members of St. George prepare an assortment of authentic and traditional Greek style foods to amaze the taste buds and make you fall in love with Greece. Experience all the splendor of Greece, all day & night Saturday & Sunday 11-8pm. Try our signature Greek style, Lamb Chops marinated and grilled to perfection, served with Greek-seasoned fries; as always that famous Greek Chicken Souvlaki with lemon juice, olive oil and Greek oregano; piles of Gyros (thinly sliced lamb in a pita with a spicy Tzatziki yogurt sauce; feta cheese and Kalamata olives in a refreshing Greek Salad and *NEW this year, Hot, fresh, crispy fried Calamari! Enjoyed with a refreshing, tart lemon and served with a shout of “OPA!” just like in the quaint, local fishing villages. For your pleasure, the ladies of the church bake a wide selection of delicate pastries and deserts, including that world famous Baklava (no description necessary), Koulourakia (traditional Greek cookies), Kourambiedes (melt in your mouth butter cookies, dusted in powdered sugar) and Galatobouriko (Greek custard wrapped in fillo pastry, sweetened with light syrup), Diples (Delicately rolled, pastry dough, crisped & drenched in honey & sprinkled with cinnamon and walnuts). Also, found in the Kafenio (Coffeehouse) are Loukoumathes (feather light golden puffs of pastry, smothered in honey and sprinkled with cinnamon and walnuts) excellent with a hot, cup of fresh brewed, Hot Greek Coffee. To wet your appetite, we are serving Mezedes (appetizers) like those found at side walk cafés in the islands; Pastitsio (seasoned ground beef and macaroni topped with a tasty Béchamel sauce); savory chicken and succulent pork Souvlakia (skewered and grilled over an open flame); Loukaniko a delightfully spicy, orange seasoned Greek sausage; Dolmades (marinated grape leaves stuffed with rice and seasoned ground beef); Spanakopita (fillo pastry with spinach and cheese filing); Party your weekend in Greece, the Greek way with Greek specialty wines including, Retsina & Greek Beers available at the taverna inspired Courtyard, along with our famous Ouzo and Metaxa. In any Greek village, the natural gathering place is the Kafenion, or coffeehouse. Here you can sip both Greek and American coffees and iced Frappes as you enjoy the mouth-watering Loukoumades (honey-sweetened fritter pastries prepared in front of you) – all while playing a game of backgammon or Tavli. Greek and American specialty coffees are also on hand to accompany the delicious Greek pastries and desserts. Try the authentic Greek grocery to take home a taste of Greece to your kitchen to enjoy beyond the weekend. The “Bakaliko” is our answer to the old-time Greek General store. Here the shelves stocked with imported Greek food and sundry items direct from Greece, including specialty ingredients needed for Greek food and pastry preparation.

The Festival Showcases all the special events and activities that Palm Desert has to offer their residents, including homes in the sought after communities of BIGHORN Golf Club,
Ironwood Country Club, Venezia, and the non-gated community of South Palm Desert  and walking distance to El Paseo.

Entertainment Highlights:

Live Greek music will be performed by “The Greeks” a traditional Greek Bouzouki Band performing from noon until festival closing, both Saturday & Sunday. Traditional dancers will present Greek dancing demonstrations of traditional, folk dances at 2 pm, 4pm & 6pm, both days. Festival attendees are encouraged to join in, learn the steps and “Be Greek for a Day! An active area called Hercules Kids Zone with loads of fun is open for the kids. You’ll be transported to the open aire markets of Greece with our array of unique vendors offering exotic, Mediterranean wares. Don’t miss Complimentary, guided church tours available at 12:30, 2:30, 4:30, 6:30 pm all days, highlighting the Award-winning, Byzantine Mosaic handcrafted Artwork, Iconography and the history of the ancient Orthodox Christian faith.

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