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Make your home Eco-Friendly!

With the concern for our futures energy everyone needs to start doing their part to help our planet by making some changes in the way we utilize energy! Don’t think that the little things you can do to your home and lifestyle won’t make a difference because every little bit will help.

Some new homes come equipped with some of the simple little things that you can change about your home to participate in “going green”! Making little inexpensive changes is a good way to start. Begin by replacing your current in candescent light bulbs with more energy efficient compact fluorescents light bulbs. You can also change out your traditional water heaters with either a tank-less “on demand” water heater or even a solar water heater. You can save several gallons of water every single day by replacing your traditional shower heads and toilets with the low pressured, low flow type units. Not only will you be doing your part in the “going green” plan but you will also save on your utility bills.

Larger changes can be made and many people are thinking of how they can make these changes without breaking the bank. Installing solar powered panels on the roof of your house will be one of the bigger changes homeowners will face. They are a bit costly up-front but in the long run will become a savings on your utility bills and more and more companies are finding ways to help homeowners afford to install the panels. Some companies even have a lease plan on their panels so homeowners everywhere can do their part.

Installing insulated windows, dual pane will also contribute to saving our planet. If your home is over 15 years old or if you are unsure if you have dual panes windows it is simple to do a check. When looking at the base of the window you will actually see that there are two pieces of glass, one toward the inside and then another one about a half inch out the other pane towards the outside of the home. If you do not have dual pane windows, replacing them with the newer insulated windows will not only help on your utility bills but again, help our planet “go green”.

It is simple; changes have to be made–not just for our environment but for our need to become less and less dependent on the world’s oil. Gas prices are getting out of hand and we need to change the way we think about energy.

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