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Lights, Lasers, Action in La Quinta!

The La Quinta Museum  Introduces Lights, Lasers, Action

Lights, Lasers, Action

Ever wonder where Lightning comes from? Or the colors in a rainbow?  How about what a Kaleidoscope is made of? Curious why Tornadoes occur? The La Quinta Museum is proud to bring the “Lights, Lasers, Action” exhibit to the desert.  A fascinating look at the exciting world of light, lasers and action.

Aurora Borealis. Streams of particles with electric charge are continually leaving the Sun and traveling through the Solar System. As these particles approach the Earth, some of them are channeled by the planet’s magnetic field toward the North and South poles where they collide with atoms in the Earth’s atmosphere.

This produces the famous light shows we call auroras, or, more commonly in the Northern Hemisphere, the “Northern Lights.”

The array of colors in auroras is due to the fact that different atoms emit different colors when they get pumped up with energy from collisions. Oxygen, for example, will create a greenish-yellow or a red light.

Now through October 15.  Tues – Sat at the La Quinta Museum 10 – 4

77885 Avenida Montezuma, La Quinta, CA 92253

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