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As things get quieter in the Coachella Valley during the summer months, it becomes more important than ever to Shop Local!  Strong businesses are critical to the growth and sustainability of the local market economy.

To quantify the difference, CivicEconomics, (a firm based in Texas that does data analysis), compared local spending of a chain restaurant to an independent restaurant. One in three dollars earned locally was spent locally, while the local restaurant spent two in three dollars locally. Workers also made more money at the local restaurant than their chain competitor.  Local charities also receive dramatically more support from the local business than the one run from afar.

If everyone in the valley spent just $10 a day more with locally owned businesses from June – November, our economy would have an estimated $150 million more circulating locally. That means more jobs and a healthier local economy for everyone to enjoy all year.  Instead of going to Starbucks for coffee, consider Koffi, Ernest Coffee or The Vintage Coffee House. Instead of Five Guy’s think about Burger’s & Beer, Killer Burgers or Grill a Burger, instead of Olive Garden, what about Mama Gina’s, Ciro’s or Castelli’s?  Instead of Panera, think The Real Italian Deli, Boce’ or Clementine. It’s a simple way we can make the Coachella Valley economy stronger and more sustainable for our local owners.

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