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Insider Tip’s on Staging Your Home to Sell


Draw Them In –
The show starts at the curb; it’s not just about the inside, the first thing a buyer sees is the front yard and the walk up to the Front Door.  Here is where you can draw them in and now is the time to do a major landscape cleanup; clip, trim and plant.  No dead or neglected plants, (it’s hard to accept, but that orchid plant the kids gave you isn’t coming back!).  Power wash the house, entry walk and driveway.  Add seasonal flowers for color and rich top-soil for a fresh look.

Pretend Your Camping –
Clutter is the enemy!  Go through each and every room of the house and divide everything into “keep” and “give-up”.  The keep pile can be used for staging, the give up pile can be stored elsewhere.  Now is a great time to pre-pack so it’s not such a big job when it’s time to move.  Donate items you don’t use to your favorite charity.  If you were camping, you wouldn’t bring all of those books or pictures, right?

Balance Hard and Soft –
If you have a room with a cushy sofa, loveseat and a couple of LaZBoy recliners, the room is too heavy. Think about replacing the recliners with interesting wood framed chairs with an upholstered seat.  Add glass or reflective pieces on tables in the room.  If you have all stone or wood flooring and no area rugs, it’s too hard. Consider adding a large area rug with color to warm the room and add interest.  The key is to find the balance.

Doorway Appraisal –
Your buyer’s first impression starts at the Front Door and so should you.  Put your buyer’s eyes on and use that perspective to judge how your home looks.  Move, remove and add; whatever you think needs to be done, but always go back to the front door and look, again and again, until every corner and every angle shows the best it can.

One’s and Three’s –
Think triangle, group items on a coffee table or side table in groups of one or three. Example, on an end table, place a lamp, a book, and a plant.  If you take away the book, it’s sparse – put 12 things on the same table, it’s over-done.  Small tables are okay with just one item.

Q-Tip Clean –
Your home should be immaculate; that includes cleaning the dead fly out of the window track and cleaning the exhaust fan above the stove.  You want your home to be spotless, but there’s more to it than just making your home presentable.  Buyers have critical eyes; if they see a home with deferred maintenance or just not well kept,  they’re thinking, gee, what don’t they take care of that I can’t see?

If you’re thinking about selling your home, strategic marketing and staging will make the difference and we’re here to help, give us a ring, let’s chat about the possibilities.

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