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How to Sell Your Home Before a Buyer Even Knocks

When selling your home, you already know it’s important to prep and polish the inside of your home to make it sparkle…

Lighted Entry

But don’t forget the outside. If you neglect how your home shows on the outside you could be losing out on potential offers… maybe a lot of them.

Here are a few easy tips to help grab potential buyer’s before you even say hello.
Fresh Paint on the Front Door If you’re not inclined to paint the entire exterior of your house, it’s okay, you can still make a big splash by painting the front door. It’s a great way to make your home feel fresh and well cared for as the buyer enters. Now is a great time to add some pizzazz with a pop of bright color. Look for current color trends to make a great first impression.

Just Landscaped Look If re-landscaping the whole yard isn’t in the cards, freshen the look of your landscape with new mulch in the planting beds.  Mulch is the best way to give your garden a quick face-lift.  Be sure to trim any trees or bushes that impair a visitor’s view of the house from the street or that crowds the pathway as they walk up to the front door.

Light Up The Porch Many times Buyers will do a drive by the evening before an open house to see what the house looks like; add extra outdoor lighting to ensure your home looks warm, welcoming and safe. For extra panache, place up-lights under big trees and add pathway lights leading to the front door. Put the lights on a timer so they’ll automatically switch on at dusk.

A Flower of Greetings Add a lot of seasonal color to your planting beds, there’s no better way to say welcome than with an abundance of blooming flowers.  For that extra touch, add potted plants on the front porch – keep them simple and tied to the season.

The Pink Flamingos Must Go If you have any lawn knick knacks such as the infamous garden gnome or pink flamingo go ahead and pack them up now.  Also remove any pet or kids toys from the yard and your favorite team flag.

Roll Out the Welcome Mat A new welcome mat can distract buyer’s from the fact that your window sills may need paint.  A natural fiber mat is appealing to widest number of buyers. Avoid the monogrammed mat, that just says it’s someone else’s house and they’re visiting, you want buyers to feel welcome and envision themselves living there.

it’s All in the Numbers Visually prominent street numbers send a message that your address inspires pride, so show them off in number forms with clean lines and visible from the street. Stay with the style of your house whether it’s traditional or contemporary and use a finish that ties in with your front door hardware, such as bronze, nickel, or brass.

Post It If you have a mailbox on your property, consider adding a fresh coat of paint maybe matching the metal finish on the front door hardware. If your mailbox needs more than paint, consider installing a new one in the same metal finish.

Make it Match Make your home look high-end at the front door by changing out the door hardware. Bring it all together by adding a new door knocker, door knob and porch light all in the same metal finishes it sends a message that you have an eye for the details, every buyer wants to buy a home from someone who takes great pride and care in their home.

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