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Hatch Chile Roast In Rancho Mirage

Hatch Chile Roast

Clark’s Nutrition in Rancho Mirage will be hosting their 1st Annual Hatch Chile Roast on Thursday August 31ST from 9am-noon. If you’ve never had a Hatch Chile, you’ve been missing out and this is your chance to find out what all the buzz is about.

Like no other Chile you’ve ever had with a Robust, Smokey, One-of-a-kind Flavor.

Hatch Chile Roast

Hatch Chiles are part of daily life in New Mexico. This fleshy pepper is 5” – 6” long and are cultivated throughout New Mexico, the best in the world are grown in the fertile Hatch and Rio Grande Valleys in New Mexico and many of the original farms are still growing the older heirloom varieties.  They’ve become so popular, you’ll find newer regional varieties throughout the state.

To celebrate, the city of Hatch hosts the annual Hatch Chile Festival during Labor Day Weekend every year.

Hatch Chile Roast

And Now, you too can celebrate this fine Chile right here in Rancho Mirage!