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First-Time Home Buyers Dominate Real Estate Market

With the first-time home buyer’s tax credit in full effect, younger buyers are taking the opportunity to enter the real estate market.

Agents are finding that they must consider the first-time home buyers’ unique needs and adapt to this new type of client. Those first-time home buyers who’ve entered the housing market- drawn by the perfect storm of historically low interest rates, attractive prices and the $8,000 tax credit- expect much more from their Realtors.

They want access, they want answers, and they want ongoing communication through text messaging. They just want to know, ‘How fast can I get the information?’ and ‘How available are you?’”

Part of an ‘instant-gratification’ and Internet generation, first-time home buyers are tech savvy and educated and they don’t want to wait for answers. They are confident and eager to become home owners.

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