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Dog Days of Summer Yappy Hour for Animal Samaritans

Dog Days of Summer Yappy Hour for Animal Samaritans

Dog Days of Summer


Attention Dogs! Celebrate Dog Days of Summer at The Westin Mission Hills in Rancho Mirage at a Yappy Hour just for you! We’ve helped more than 85 dogs find forever homes through our Dog Samaritans Adoption partnership with Animal Samaritans.
The Dog Days of Summer Yappy Hour for Animal Samaritans encourages adopted dogs along with local dogs and their families to come! Dogs will enjoy our pooch patio menu and canine treats while their human friends enjoy hosted appetizers and a no-host bar. Pet vendors and organizations will also be on-hand for the event that takes place on Friday, August 26th from 4 to 6 pm.

With over 8,000 rescues, the Animal Samaritans reached a mile-stone, 5,000 animals saved in less than 3 years.  Animal Samaritans, in partnership with Riverside County Animal Services (RCAS), rescues more than 150 dogs and cats every month.

The Adoption Alliance Animal Rescue Program also strives to rescue and adopt out animals at pet adoption events and by promoting dogs and cats for adoption through local media, the internet, and social media resources.

The Dog Days of Summer Yappy Hour for Animal Samaritans through the Partner Adoption Alliance program also rescues animals and places them with more than 130 rescue groups and fellow no-kill animal shelters throughout the U.S. and Canada.  They also provide veterinary services and in some cases surgery, to adoptable animals that need medical attention before being ready for a safe haven and adoption.

Animal Samaritans Adoption Alliance Rescue Coordinator Michelle Bergeron and part-time rescuer Jennifer Uberti work in tandem with staff from RCAS to access, test, and pull animals for rescue.  Both organizations share a common goal: to reduce animal euthanasia rates and save more lives.

“Five thousand discarded animals have been saved through the Adoption Alliance, and we can and will save more,” said Animal Samaritans’ Executive Director Fred Saunders. “The Adoption Alliance program needs your help in saving animals with donations, and volunteer assistance, including pet fostering, and pet transporters–Highway Heroes as we call them–to continue in the future.”

Dog Days of Summer Yappy Hour for Animal Samaritans rely’s on charitable contributions to underwrite its many community outreach programs, such as Humane Education in our local schools, emergency veterinary care for low-income seniors, and the feeding and care of animals at their own no-kill animal shelter.  Animal Samaritans is currently seeking donations earmarked for The Adoption Alliance to ensure the program continues to thrive and thousands more animals will be saved.