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City of Palm Desert’s First Garage Sale

Palm Desert's First Garage Sale

The public is invited to the City of Palm Desert’s first Garage Sale on Friday, September 15. A variety of office furniture, business furnishings, and other items will be on display from 9 a.m. to noon at City Hall, 73510 Fred Waring Drive (northeast corner of Fred Waring and San Pablo Avenue).

The garage sale will be conducted via a silent auction to ensure that everyone has a chance to bid on the items that interest them. At the conclusion of the auction, high bidders will be notified and given the opportunity to pick up their items prior to 3 pm.

Items for sale include: filing cabinets, a desk, tables, chairs, computer/printer stands, framed pictures, holiday decorations, and more. Rather than declaring these used items “surplus” and disposing of them, the City is conducting the sale in the hopes that local nonprofits, businesses, and other community members can take advantage of this opportunity to find bargains and stretch limited resources. For more information, please call 760.776.6454 or email hhorning(at)cityofpalmdesert(dotted)org.

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