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Bird Watching Around the Coachella Valley

Birding Dead Indian CanyonBird Watching Around the Coachella Valley – There are lots of fun things to do in the Desert.  Hiking and watching Native Birds in their Natural Habitat is popular with Birders. 

Birding Walk About – Friends of the Desert Mountains are sponsoring a Birding Walk-About in the Dead Indian Canyon on November 16th, 2020 starting at the Art Smith Trailhead.

This season, experienced Birders will take you on a walk into Dead Indian Canyon to search for our fine feathered friends in their native desert habitat.  The walk is easy, mostly flat.  The Dead Indian Canyon is located in the Peninsular Bighorn Sheep Preserve and is only open to Birders during Oct, Nov, and Dec.



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Friends of the Desert

Protecting our Desert now and into the future, Friends of the Desert Mountains have acquired 60,000 acres of desert, mountain, canyon, and woodlands.  The Coachella Valley today is surrounded by breathtaking mountain views and unique wild spaces, drawing residents and visitors here from around the world.  The Coachella Valley Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan protects dozens of unique, threatened, and endangered plants and animals that are only found here in the Coachella Valley and nowhere else on Earth.



A few of the historic areas they have acquired and some restored to their natural state include:

Whitewater Trout Farm



Whitewater Canyon, includes the Whitewater Trout Farm.  The Whitewater Preserve is now a gateway to the Sand to Snow National Monument and a one-of-a-kind experience in our desert.




Indio Hills



Indio Hills – Formed along the San Andreas Fault – the meeting of two tectonic plates.  The Indio Hills are also home to lush palm oasis, wildlife, hiking and recreation.




Dos Palmas


Dos Palmas – An Oasis rising from the Desert Floor and one of the most important wetland areas in the Coachella Valley.   A network of pools are fed by artesian springs and seepage from the Coachella Valley Canal. Cottonwood trees, cattails, and tens of thousands of California fan palms sprout up around the springs, providing food and habitat for wildlife and an amazing experience for visitors.  Dos Palmas is owned by the Bureau of Land Management.  Friends of the Desert Mountains work to acquire lands in the surrounding conservation area and maintain wildlife corridors to and from this oasis in the desert.


Desert Dry Wash


Desert Tortoise Linkage – It may be hard to believe, but the Desert dry wash woodland brush is able to survive both the extremes of severe flooding and the blistering hot summers of the desert.  These dry washes, overhanging with shady species such as smoketree, desert ironwood and palo verde trees, provide safe passage for all types of wildlife, including the Desert Tortoise.  They connect Joshua Tree National Park to the Orocopia and Mecca Hills Wilderness Areas to the south.



Vista Santa Rosa



Vista Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument

A land of extremes, rich with biodiversity and cultural history.

The National Monument is home to an incredible diversity of people, landscapes, and wildlife, from below sea level to the peak of Mount San Jacinto, the 2nd highest point in Southern California.


Enjoying the Desert Lifestyle includes many opportunities to relax, have fun, learn new things and be part of a growing community of people just like you!  If you’re thinking about moving to this beautiful Desert Oasis, let’s chat, we have beautiful homes suited for every lifestyle.