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Are You Covered?

It’s 100 Degrees outside, your AC just quit…..who are you going to call?   Your Home Warranty Company!

A Home Warranty is a service contract on your home.  It protects the appliances and some of the home systems for repairs or possible replacement.  One great benefit of a home warranty – they act as the middle man.  Example, your AC goes out – You call your Home Warranty Company, and they assign a service provider to evaluate the problem and determine whether it should be repaired or replaced.  It takes the burden off your shoulders having to schedule and interview vendors, and getting price quotes.

Homeowners Insurance is Different

Homeowner’s insurance protects the structure, the dwelling and personal property from things like theft, natural disaster, or accident. Homeowner’s insurance does not cover the systems and appliances in your home due to normal wear.

The fees for home warranties can vary based on deductibles and how much of the risk the homeowner is willing to accept.

Additional Coverage

Additional items can be included to the standard coverage to include pool, spa, additional refrigerators, septic tanks, and other items. There may also be some named items that are not covered that could include sprinkler systems, window air conditioning units or other specific items.

Buy Before Or After Your Home Purchase

Home Warranty Contracts are usually for a period of one-year, and may have a waiting period if you buy the policy after close of escrow. Home Warranty won’t include pre-existing conditions and the premium or fee is generally paid in advance.

Many homeowners learned about this type of service when they bought a home. It’s usually provided by the seller and offers some of peace of mind for the first year of ownership.  Home warranties can be purchased even when the home is not being sold and by the current owner. Even rental property owners are using this type of coverage to manage the repairs and replacement expenses.


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If you’re thinking about buying a home, be sure to ask the seller to provide you with a full one year home warranty.  For more important things you’ll want to look for when buying a home, check out our Home Buyer Tips

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