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Amazon Project Viento in Desert Hot Springs


Amazon purchased a 120 acre parcel in Desert Hot Springs for a new 3.4 million square foot warehouse.

The Desert Hot Springs City Council approved plans for the e-commerce giant to expand operations into the Coachella Valley with Project Viento, set to be among the largest Amazon warehouse and fulfillment centers in the country.

In January 2022, ahead of the Amazon purchase, the City Council approved a zoning change that raised the allowed industrial building height from 50′ to 120′, paving the way for large scale industrial warehouses like Amazon to operate in the area.

Palm Springs City Council also made a similar zoning change, raising the allowed height of industrial buildings in Palm Springs from 40′ to 95′.   Since making that change, the city has received two new applications for warehouse facilities.

Developers for Large distribution facilities and warehouses have been looking for land East of the Beaumont area. Prior to these zoning changes, one of the constraints in this area was allowable building height.  They utilize technology that requires more height on each floor.

Cities seeking to increase tax revenues are looking at those warehouse and distribution centers as one way to do that, and have responded by updating city zoning laws to meet the demand for new industrial properties.

Construction for Project Viento, is under-way, the warehouse is scheduled to be operational in the fourth quarter ’23.