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3 Things Guaranteed to Give You Buyers Remorse

There are a million things to think about when you start looking for a home.  Here are three pit falls you’ll want to avoid as you begin looking.

1.) Remember the first three rules of real estate? Location, location, location –  it still holds true. Don’t saBuyers Rd Sellers Lncrifice a bad location – It’s a LOT harder to fix up a terrible location than it is to fix up a terrible home.  Don’t settle for a bad neighborhood or one with noise.

2.) Too Big or Too Small, Are you trying to uncomplicate your life with less maintenance and upkeep.  If you have adult children with kids of their own, how often are they really going to stay with you at the house?  Buy for your needs, something that fits your everyday lifestyle but might be a little…… cozy when the family comes to visit.

If you plan on having kids, think ahead a few years about how the house will work for the growing family.  If the house fits now, you might out-grow it when the kids come along.  Buy something that feels a little big for you now.  You won’t regret it later.

3.) A Community that doesn’t fit or feel like you. Do you want to wake up in the morning and go for a walk, then hit the golf course?  Or, do you have kids that ride the bus every morning for school. Research the predominant lifestyle of the community.  As someone retired you may be past the days of wanting to hear a bouncing basketball and kids playing. As a young family, you’ll want schools close by and kids in the neighborhood for your child to play with.  Consider the lifestyle of the neighborhood to make sure it fits and feels right for you and your family.


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