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2017 Interior Design Trends

Oops, here we go again, just as one design trend starts to take hold – it starts to fade out only to be replaced by the next hot look…


Use Gray sparingly, it’s starting to fade along with yellows, Chevron patterns, mirrored furniture and subway tile.

According to StoneGable in their preview of what we’ll be seeing in design trends for 2017

  • Stainless Appliances are slowly fading out, the new design trend is a sleek and modern Black Stainless.
  • Warm Earthy Terra Cotta is showing as a color trend for accent.
  • Book Nooks, a comfy place to unplug – well-lit reading areas.
  • Jewel Tones are coming on strong in 2017
  • Gold and Brass – warm metallics with rich warm hues to accent a room or piece of furniture.
  • Large Modern Geometric Designs for curtains, bedding pillows & rugs
  • Lucite accent furniture pieces
  • Blue – Classic Navy and Cobalt Blue are on trend for 2017
  • Maps as murals
  • Big Clocks
  • BOHO accents
  • Cork
  • Dark furniture with white walls, rustic accents
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