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The Chandi in Palm Desert

Vision San Pablo Proposed Chandi Project

The Chandi

Palm Desert City Council voted Thursday to approve The Chandi, located at the north/west corner of Fred Waring and San Pablo.

The Chandi Group USA will have 8 months to secure full financing and can extend 6 months if needed. This  will be a key piece in the city’s ongoing work to turn San Pablo into a City Center.

This project is different for the Chandi Group USA, an Indio based Developer.  They’re more known for developing gas stations, car washes and quick serve restaurants.

Mixed Use with Restaurant, Retail and Residential

The Chandi features mixed use with retail and residential. The project will be a key piece in the city’s ongoing effort to limit reliance on cars.  A great attraction for people looking for a more Urban Lifestyle.

Land for The Chandi Project

Developing the 1.5 acre vacant lot sitting across from City Hall has been part of the city’s General Plan to advance the larger Vision San Pablo project; a mile long corridor along San Pablo that extends from Civic Center to El Paseo shopping, restaurants,  entertainment and residential.

The Chandi will include two commercial buildings, one facing Fred Waring and one facing San Pablo with an open Plaza between. The ground floor will have Restaurants with Outdoor Dining and Retail. 30 Apartments on the second floors and a Clubhouse and Pool on third floors.

Revitalization of Palm Desert

The project will take about 2 years to complete and coincides well with the revitalization of the Palm Desert down-town project.

San Pablo Turn About

Vision San Pablo Phase 1 is complete. Phase 2 has started and is expected to be complete in late 2021 to early 2022.  The two phase San Pablo redesign is estimated to cost more than $15 million, much of it coming from transportation and other grants.

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