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Staging Luxury Homes to Sell

Staging Luxury Homes to Sell

Attracting the Luxury Home Buyer takes a different strategy.  Setting your home apart will make the difference when selling your home for top dollar. Here are few tips we use.

Staging Luxury Homes to Sell



When Staging Luxury Homes to Sell, Highlight Lifestyle

Buyers in the Luxury Home Market are looking for more than a house; they’re looking for the Lifestyle that fits their style.   Do you have a great Kitchen? Showcase the Culinary Style that suggests this home is a place where friends and family gather to cook, eat, drink and share happy moments together.

Original Artwork

Art can give your home a great look, Original Art can give it that luxury feel. Don’t have any?  We leverage relationships with local galleries to coordinate leasing original art from local galleries or direct from the artist. They get exposure & you get a high end luxury look.

Area Rugs to Ground a Space

A well selected area rug can make a big impact on any space. Add a pop of color to an otherwise bland room, it can pull room design elements together and give it a finished look.  Use the largest rug possible for the space, avoid using small rugs in large spaces.

Finishes and Fabrics

Luxury bedding will bring life to any home and enhance the space. Use high quality linens and display Egyptian cotton towels, robes and spa products.

Non Matching Furniture

One characteristic of luxury homes is furniture pieces that have been curated, not matching sets of furniture.  Well selected pieces that complement each other and blend together to create a cohesive space.

Outdoor Living Spaces and Views

Location is a top differentiating factor for luxury vs. non-luxury homes. Play up the season for luxury homes; in the winter, have a fire cracking and heat steaming up from a bubbling spa. Buyers aren’t buying the space as they see it, but the perceived value, and they see value in two ways – location and size. Make sure view sight-lines are clear and everything is set up to showcase the view. Use light and furniture layouts to your advantage to make the space appear as large as possible.

Spotless Garage

Luxury home buyers may have collected cars and they want a well appointed garage. The walls & ceilings should be freshly painted, generous storage cabinets, very well lit and an epoxy coated floor adds a showroom quality to any garage.

These are just a few of what the Luxury Home Buyer looks for when shopping for their next home.  If you would like a more in-depth consultation on Staging Your Luxury Home to Sell send us a quick note.   We’ll talk about why the homes we represent sell for more than the average and the process we use to prepare our listings for the Desert Market.

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