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Home Pest Inspection

Q. We‘re getting our home ready for sale. Should we have a pest inspection now and it really necessary?

A. The state of California and most lenders require that the seller or buyer obtain a Wood-Destroying Pest Inspection Report and Lenders will require an “All Clear” prior to funding.

Termites can devastate a dwelling and the problem is not always visible – a trained entomologist (insect specialist) may be needed to spot evidence of termite activity. An independent, reputable expert may be a better choice than a company that treats homes for termite problems.

Hire experienced, licensed, and insured exterminators. Avoid any company that offers a contract containing a disclaimer against water damage. This is an “out” if their treatments aren’t effective – termites need a 98 % humidity level to thrive. Moisture and termites go hand-in-hand and only thorough extermination will get them.

Americans spend $4.5 billion a year on termite extermination and $2 billion to repair their damage. The right exterminator could save you from extensive repairs. Here are some tips on hiring exterminators.

1. Ask someone you trust for a reference (your agent is a great place to start!).
2. Find out if the company belongs to a national, state, or local pest control association.
3. Ask the company exactly what the pest is, what treatments are needed, and how long it will take before they go to work.
4. Thoroughly read and understand the company’s guarantee.
5. Expect to pay more for a good exterminator and inspection.

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