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5 Reasons for Staging Vacant Homes

5 Reasons Why You Should Stage Your Vacant Home –

Staging Vacant Homes

Staging Vacant Homes – We always talk about the importance of first impressions, they are the lasting memory of a home that the buyer keeps with them as they walk through a house. Home buyers also keep that memory with them as they move on to other homes in the neighborhood.  That first impression is the one that stays in their mind as they consider and compare their options at the end of the day. It’s difficult to make a great first impression when your potential home buyer walks into a cold, impersonal vacant house.

1 – Buying a home is an emotional process and connecting with your potential buyer is important.  Studies show that as much as 95% of our buying decisions take place in the subconscious mind. Sight, smell, and sound can activate emotions in a buyer about the home they’re viewing.

2 – Home Buyers aren’t just emotional, they’re also aspirational; they’re buying for a variety of potential reasons; they want a home their adult kids and grandkids will want to visit, or perhaps they want to simplify their lifestyle for retirement.  Making an emotional connection with them can be the difference between your home sitting on the market or selling quickly for top dollar.

3 – It seems counter-intuitive, but an empty room actually looks smaller. Buyers have difficulty judging room size and getting a true sense of scale in an empty room.  Staging gives them a tangible way to see how furniture fits in the room and allows them to envision their own furniture in the space.

4 – When they’re looking at an empty room, the spotlight is on any weaknesses your home may have.  Instead of walking into a warm and inviting home and visualizing themselves cooking in that great kitchen with their family and friends, they’re looking a cold empty space….. and what’s left. Nicks in the base molding, dirty grout on the floor tile, wear patterns on the carpet or how small the Master bedroom seems.

5 – Your potential buyer must also have a great imagination; they’ll need to conjure up in their own mind how furniture could lay out in the room, how a room functions and how one room transitions to the next.

Options for a Solution
Staging Vacant Homes – You’ve moved on or perhaps the house was a rental that you’re ready to sell, the expense of furnishing the house isn’t very appealing. You have some options.

Light Staging – Focus on a few main areas, i.e. the Family Room, Dining Area, Kitchen and Master Bedroom.  Create vignettes in each room.

For example, in the Family Room add the essential pieces such as an area rug, sofa, two chairs with coffee and side tables, don’t forget the lighting and add pops of color with accessories and deco pillows.  A well-positioned large piece of art on the wall will go a long way for impact.   You might add a prop TV on the wall to show how the room functions.   Use the same concept for the other rooms, creating an image in each room that is light, warm and welcoming.

As part of the suite of services we offer our valued clients, we provide a complimentary staging consultation with our Professional Stager. We Sell Homes Quickly for Top Dollar Call us today to find out how it works.  Cathi Walter 760.218.5752  Cathi(at)CathiWalter(dotted)com #HomeSeller, #StagingHomestoSell